Saint Fechin was no Feckin Saint

Saint Fechin was a feckin fecker
That bigger feckers made a saint
Prayed for a plague to plague the poor:
The fecker: a saint he aint!

The least of Gods children he prayed ill for
At the behest of a cruel king
Who thought the poor too much in number
Showed church and state to be the same thing.

But a bittersweet justice God gave
He allowed the plague on the poor
That was prayed for by the clerics for the king
But it carried them off including this hoor!

How can a church that prays for death
For the poor call itself pro life to this day?
Gods name they shamelessly took in vein
Up to now an apology they refuse to say!

So on January 20th let us remember
Saint Fechin the fecker from Fore
Showed how church and king are the same thing
Let us call Fechin a feckin saint no more!


Fore Abbey of Saint Fechin

St Fechin (pronounced Feckin in the east of Ireland!) Was a corrupt Irish monk who on behalf of currupt kings prayed for a plague in Ireland to reduce the numbers of the poor.

Its the worlds earliest record of eugenics! He should be the patron saint of the super rich.

How he is a saint is a mystery. As abbot of Fore Abbey his feast day is January 20th.

Of the three saints asked (him, St Gerard of Mayo and Manchan of Leamonaghan in Offaly) only Gerald refused the request.

His end is poetic justice: he and Manchan die in the plague they prayed for while Gerald the Good survives!

While the poem is light hearted, the anger it contains is real. The church should apologise by stripping them of sainthood and make their feast days the Feast of the Innocent Poor Victims of the Yellow Plague.

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