Rocking the Cradle of Genius

You have disgraced yourselves again, once more you have rocked at the cradle of genius”
– W.B. Yeats

Rocking the cradle of genius
Is not a wise thing to do,
If you rock it too hard
It will be because of you
That from its cradle small
Genius fell to its fate,
And never to be known to the world
Was something the world would think great.

A lamp is lit not to be hidden
A lamp is lit the way to view
To cover a lamp if its lit,
Is a foolish thing to do.
For the covered flame it will starve
For it needs fresh air about
Its burning wick to keep burning
Or the blaze will go out.

So when you dismiss a friend for being talented
Or because of something they’ve tried
You struck a blow at their spirit,
A little of which will have died.
And should the light of their spirit die,
As the covered lamps flame,
When they ask who murdered their genius,
Aloud will be read your name!

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