Rhyme and Verse at Secret Sounds

The Scene of the Rhyme crew at Secret Sounds - Photo: David Mallaghan
The Scene of the Rhyme crew at Secret Sounds – Photo: David Mallaghan

The Tullamore Rhymers and other special guests of Scene of the Rhyme entertained the folk at Secret Sounds in Kerry last Easter Saturday. Cormac Lally was once more at the helm, and the ranks was made up of David Hynes, David Mallaghan and myself, with guests down from Dublin and in from Tralee…

There was a lot of sore heads, including yours truly, who had been out for a good walk around the area beforehand to clear the head somewhat from the initial nights drinking. Waterville is the stuff of legend, the site of Irelands foundation legends, and is fantastic hiking country.

While there I wrote two new pieces, just published on the website – Destiny Followed Demands Sacrifice, and Sun Do Shine. I read the latter at the event, everyone being too hungover to concentrate on the former I thought!

The Crecent Lake is a photographers dream, and on the initial day I took a leasurly walk around to the Church island site, and on the morning after I crossed the mountains along the Kerry way and what views there is to be seen, bus essentials such as correct footwear and hiking sticks was something Id forgoton about and in dress shoes crossing bog and marsh can be quite a cahllenge.

Of course Id done Corn Hill in Longford around this time last year, but while this was not as sheer it was higher and steeper on the down side, but well worth doing.

I had hoped to cathc the Easter Morning sunrise having missed it last year – about which I had written “Sleeping I Did Not See the Dancing Sun” but alas due to a seedy head I missed it yet again.

The last time I was up mountains in Kerry was with Derek Fanning en route to Poets Express in Kilcrohane in 2010 or so, aboutwhich I had writtenSleeping Neath a Nipple and this time I was on my own, and just as slow and unsure of foot. Many times I thought of turning back, but persevered and having finished it am glad of it, but dont see myself doing such walks too often in future.

But it was for the poetry and not the mountains we came, as invited guests of Secret Sounds. Cormac Lally blew the crowd away in his usual style with his staple pieces, my favourite being “All Guards are People”, David Mallaghan had the crowd in stiches with “Bridge House Carvery Dinner” and I read a few pieces, the best piece being recieved was The Saving of Mankind

Other guest poets included Shauna Keane – whose positive body image poem blew me away, Genevieive Hartshorn whose punk style had all the fellas drooling including yours truly (her poetry was good too!), Ailish Kerr and Cathal Holden.

On the way home, on the bus through Kilcormac, I saw two magpies, and as Ive a series of new poems on them, I wrote yet another one showing the ope aspect of the ancient piseog.

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