Reboot Banagher Horse Fair…

We will see you, as a sure thing, in September
On the Main Street among the proud horses there
We’ll walk among crowds, dogs, the shady folk and the shades
At the 2015 Banagher Horse Fair…

Make sure your car has no green diesel
And your horse is not on hormones as well
Bring cash to buy a nag and some naggins
The pubs may be shut, or open, who can tell?

What has become of a free nation
When to hold a horse fair is rebellious to do?
We had that freedom even under the British:
Was it for that Babser held guns with the brave few?

Reboot Ireland some say, stating with the rural
Ireland is nothing without its heart…
Its heart is here, kept alive by us, the activists
Rebooting Banagher Horse Fair will be a start!

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