Reading at the Circle Session at the International Bar

This week I had the honour of reading at the current poetry night “The Circle Sessions” at The International Bar” I wasn’t up there since Stephen James Smith used to run “The Glór Sessions” back in the day, and it was nice to be on familiar turf again…

Tomas at the Circle Session as a guest of David Hynes at his A-musing slot in the International Bar
Tomas at the Circle Session as a guest of David Hynes at his A-musing slot in the International Bar

Similar to the preceding events that are run at The International Bar, there is a mix of music and poetry, the standout acts for me was the young rappers, and the harmonic group “Jøey Gavin & Band”, and was MC’d by David Halpin…

One girl I knew Id seen before was Cinzia Loi, and then I remembered seeing her at Accents a few months back.

Shauna Byrne’s stand out poem was the Body Positive piece that protests against the size zero craze, a cause I fully espouse, while Kevin Dwane rocked the house with his tale of love, lust and murder!

The night was capped off with a French girl doing a cover of “Non, je ne regrette rien”, which only sounds right coming from a French accented singer. I think the whole bar was in love with her after that!

So, what did our Carty read? Well, it was a night of confusion with all the best plans of mice and men coming to naught, and Carty getting on stage not once, but twice!

First up I done Angry Sea, followed by “Never Mind the Heartache” and “She Walks Not the Paths I Find Familiar” telling of my latest trysts with the world of love, and as usual, unrequited!

Next up I was up as the official slot as part of the A-musing section, with David Hynes as MC, which also featured John Sheehan a local Tullamore man who does comedy. I used to work with him in Tullamore Hospital, before a spat about the smoking ban saw Carty on tour!

Singing "Non, je ne regrette rien" this girl won all our hearts...
Singing “Non, je ne regrette rien” this girl won all our hearts…
Delivered deadpan and accurate, John Sheehan is a unique and yet familiar style comedian, more like Kevin McAleer than Tommy Tiernan, and one to watch, he tells me he is at it a few years now, and more power to him.

The Biffos had truly invaded, when I saw one of the minds behind the Banagher Fair page show in, who shall remain nameless. To cap it being a small world, one of the performers was one of his students, and he came on the gig by chance seeing it up on Facebook that Id be there.

Him being there I had to open the second section with Long May Horses Shit the Streets“, followed it up with “The Sleeping Beauty and the Sorry Prince” among other verses.

Fantastic harmonies of Joey Gavin and his band
Fantastic harmonies of Joey Gavin and his band

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