Raining Cats at Halloween

Witch flies at Halloween dusk searching for her cat...
Witch flies at Halloween dusk searching for her cat…

Its raining cats and dogs, I thought to myself,
As I walked down in the rain…
As a cat is seemed to fall out of the very sky,
I stopped and looked up, thinking myself insane…

Now, cats they cannot fly, and there was no trees to fall from,
I said Id better cop on to myself and carry on home soon,
As the cat crawled between my ankles, meowing at the sky,
It looked like the shadow of a woman on a broom!

I thought quickly of a prayer against malevolent spirits there,
As more vigorously the cat wove between my feet,
She had landed on hers, out of god knows where,
So I whispered my prayer, my breath, beneath.

If there are no trees, no walls, and it falls out of the sky,
Where to hold a cat there is no room,
And everybody knows, like a penguin, a cat cant fly…
Its Halloween… it must have fallen from a Broom!

It seemed the moon darkened, as from it a shadow seemed to grow:
Was the witch for her cat coming back?
I chanted a few more prayers, as my heart started beating fast…
As I seemed to be having a panic attack.

I blinked… and from my eyes the spirit disappeared…
Maybe it was just a shadow after all…
All of a sudden, a hare crossed to road in front of where I walked,
The cat in fear from it fled across a wall!

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