Rainbow Gone Red

Galways West End during last years PRIDE festival
Galways West End during last years PRIDE festival

In memory of and in solidarity with the victims of the PULSE nightclub shooting in Orlando. While its probably a lone wolf nutter, the way all can do their horrific deeds in the name of ISIS and then ISIS claim them as their own is much the way that Anonymous work, and this plays right into the hands of hatemongers like Trump, whose trumping of the “bathrooms issue” has heightened tensions in America, and could be as much behind this as any allegiance to Islam…

We in Ireland last year legalised gay marriage, and its nice to see proper equality, and thanks to the gays for showing us what marraige is about, a lifelong commitment where possible of two people who love each other, something forgotton in this world where everything is disposable including relationships…

The rainbow of many colours red is stained
With the blood of the massacred dead
He who claims to love God – as with so many others –
Twisted the concept of what God said.

Seventy years odd ago it was the Pink Triangle
Of the Swastika, to Germany and mankinds shame
– for the allies kept them jailed in the camps on liberation –
So for global hatred have a portion of the blame.

No more than all Catholics are responsible for the Inquisition
Or Protestants to blame for Cromell and his kind
All Moslems of NOT to blame for the fanatic few
Who verses of hate in any holy book can find.

Over the next few days beyond the horror
We will remember the fallen, and in the coming years
Like all the others before and those to come
We will wash the rainbow of blood with our tears…

Galway Pride sign from last 2015
Galway Pride sign from last 2015

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