Quills at Dawn – Poets Piques and Politics

Poets and their piques when pickled in politics
Makes a soup sour to the taste
Explosions of emotions cause rages on pages
As movements are torn to waste.
Humour risque not understood today
As being what it is – tongue in cheek…
Freedom of expression under political correctness repression
Allegations of sexism suppress freedom of speech.
What do they achieve by those who believe
Their right others influence to deny
As they had a feud and they were subdued
Are found out when exposed their teachers by?
They show lack o balls whose who themselves correct calls
Who flee under such attacks for appearances sake
They show themselves as meek – they have no balls
Who a stand against rivals cannot make.
A tongue in cheek joke, when told by a yoke
Or yokel such as me with a humour risque
May be in bad taste, but is meant tongue in cheek:
When it cant be taken as such its a sad day!


Kevin Higgins is a keyboard warrior - not even his poetry night is origional, a rip of of the Western Writers Centres "On The Edge"
Kevin Higgins is a keyboard warrior – not even his poetry night is origional, a rip of of the Western Writers Centres “On The Edge”
Satire on Galway writer Kevin Higgins whose pro choice fundamentalism inspired him to launch a campaign against me as an Anti Austerity Alliance candidate for Tullamore. The AAA had not the balls to stand up to him and his bullys, and did not endorse me, which is their loss. I may or may not yet run as Independent, but will be organising a left wing pro life party.

Kevin prides himself as a liberal, and something of a wit, and has umpteen launches of his new book. Whether his satire of me will make the next one I don’t know, it shouldn’t by quality anyway, i that is to be his forthcoming standard, his writing standards are dropping!

So what caused The Spat?

Fred Johnstone of the Western Writers Centre claims his night On The Edge spawned Kevin Higgins, and a dispute arose between them – possibly over the funnyness of Kevins dry sense of humour – and Kevin offed and started the now successful Over the Edge (such an original name!) nights held in Galway Library.

Fred is the man who started the Cúirt festival, before nincompoops pushed him from it akin to jow Steve Jobs got pushed from Apple back in the day.

He sent me a message to “delete the post, or Ill block you” to which I advised to put his side of the story (Id shared it on my wall), to which he diplomatically replied “Fuck you” and then done this blog post – http://mentioningthewar.blogspot.ie/2014/04/anti-austerity-alliance-and-boob.html

Poets and their piques are bad enough, but mix it with politics and its tragic!

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