Puff of Smoke and All Is Well

Everyone knows smoking is bad, and causes cancer. However, the blanket blame for all lung cancers on it ignores other possible reasons, from genetics, to environment, and leads to an official policy of patients who are infirm on their feet having to walk 200 to 400 yards to the “official” street zone off the hospital grounds to smoke. Emergency responders from nurses and doctors to security who dont have official breaks as in they are still on call when on break have that distance to cover before arriving where they are needed. So, how does it work? Its flouted left right and centre, and proper and right it is so. Encourage by all means folk to stop smoking, stop the new generation taking it up, but dont deny treatment and tests to smokers that they need, as the damage is already done.

Merlin Park Hospital in Galway - 400 yards walk to the road to smoke - many of whom are old and infirm on their feet
Merlin Park Hospital in Galway – 400 yards walk to the road to smoke – many of whom are old and infirm on their feet

Puff of smoke and all is well
Cancer caused by smoking scientists tell
A gullible public who listen without thought
About the message they have been sold they bought
By scientists who once measured heads and called it true
Back then we believed that too
They were the first to state that smoking was bad for your health
The first of a campaign of manipulation by stealth
How that ended up! Lest we forget…
That could happen again, though maybe not just yet…

The smearing of tobacco and its blind following is insane
Not denying cancer does kill, or deny folks pain
Who have buried their dead – as have we, too many
Though of ours: tobacco caused cancers? Not any!
Yet we too have buried young women and men
Who join the ranks though they should not be dead
For they were not smokers yet smoking did kill them
Something else caused that instead…

In a world of fluorides, additives in food
Aluminium based deodorants, and factory fumes
Processed foods with preservatives and unhealthy diets
Lack of exposure to cold in artificially warm rooms.
Stress from work, strain from the lack of it
Worry from money and for the want as a need
The body breaks down and cancers remain
A smashed immune system allows cancers to feed.

A people who prefer to marry among those of their own
Too much cousin breeding over centuries before
Genetic weaknesses that in those more wider bred are stronger
Now show their weaknesses, cant take any more.

Too much drinking of chemical based alcohols
Chronic sex with many partners, cannabis, and stronger drugs
Living day and night as if they were all the one
At all of this medicine looks and shrugs.
None of this is natural, none of this is good
That these cause many cancers time it will tell
But smoking is a handy smokescreen and an answer for all
Medicine gives us a puff of smoke and all is well!

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