Pretty Ribbons of Red

World AIDS Day is something that should not be just for a day…

Pretty ribbons of red, lofty words said
And folk all think themselves good
Now has changed the rule, for one day it is cool
Acceptable to be HIV, like it should.

Like it should be every day, there is no other way
To be HIV is not a crime.
If Jesus was here now, he’d cure them as He knew how
They are the lepers of our time.

Its not just the gays, there are many ways
That people are unfortunate to be infected
Its not just the users, needle sharers, drug abusers
And all, even they should be respected.

All folk must cry, all folk will die
All folk are sinners, and sin
Its not them and us, or a one day big fuss
Every victim is a human within.

Diana, for all folk may think, provided the link
She touched them, and us, by the hand
It wasnt much, but thought the world that by touch
You cant get infected, now we understand.

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