Poverty Makes All Things Possible

It was easier to fall in love when people were destitute.

– El Habib Louai

Faith in God, help of family,
They had a little home,
Then they had their family,
A world of their own.
Having nothing, anything
In its own way was good,
Everything was possibly…
Everybody could!!!

Faith in God is lesser now,
Family don’t want to know
The world is a changed place
From those days, years ago.
We have all, afraid to lose it,
Will not chance a family… yet…
In case things change, we lose, cant cope…
The truth of life we all forget.

On death you have all that matters,
When your coffins carried, grave is dug,
All that matters is each other,
All we really need is a kiss, a hug.
The western life and western love,
Is not like the love of the past,
But built on lust, not respect
That is why it does not last.

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