Poem To A Cow and the Poets Who Wrote About Her

Poem in reply to the poem “Epistle to Hawkie the
Cottier’s Cow on Hearing She Ate the Bible” by Samuel
Walker and William Mc Niece

Stanza One – Address to the Poets

Of this poem I have read but verses two
And greatly I wonder what spurred you
To write this poem: what a thing to do
On a topic so mundane
Of its like or sort I’ve read but few
And I doubt I will again

Stanza Two – Address To The Cow

Ah, old Hawkie the Cow, so fond of mooing
I’m sure in the Bible was lots of chewing
To eat the Old Testament took some doing
So many words
I’m sure you felt indigestion brewing
Soon afterwards!!!

Stanza Three – Address To The Cow Continued

Some day when I have words and time to spare
I shall be found sitting where
(Probably with feet up on a chair)
I’ll read with elation
Of you chewing your cud with pages to spare
From the Book of Revelation

Stanza Four – Address To The Reader

I wonder when she ate grass
And the books through her stomach did pass
Did she suffer chronically from gas
All the words written
And could it be used at service of mass
What she had shitten?

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