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Below is a statement from the World Poetry Movement, one of the collectives of which I am a part. Activism through groups such as 100 Thousand Poets for Change can be part of this revolution, showing the pen to be mightier than the sword.

Conflicts such as Palestine (hot) and the Spratley Islands (cold) show how activism can play its part as with South Africa in the 1980’s  through publicity of marches and product boycotts.

Towards a Worldwide Poetry Revolution

The sword seals the victory, but the pen signs the peace.
The sword seals the victory, but the pen signs the peace.

The world’s poetry movement declares itself to be in a state of rebellion regarding the sad history of humanity.

We are against the war-torn history of countless barbaric civilizations that have left hundreds of millions of dead throughout the so called “human evolution” here on earth.

We oppose the petty and dangerous practices against nature and the peoples of the world, which have deteriorated and damaged our oceans, lakes, rivers, atmosphere, the earth´s climate, devastated forests, inviting expanding deserts to take over our glorious green planet, and imprisoning the human species in a miserable existence.

We oppose slavery material and rigid religious dogmas which have taken away the freedom and dignity of millions of people, chained in dejection and hopelessness.

Against the failure of the economic, political, social and cultural systems that imprison humanity, we call on the world to join this Worldwide Poetry Revolution.

We are calling all of humanity to rise from the ashes of defeat and build with great energy,
-before it is hopelessly too late- a superior world, filled with poetry, social justice, dignity and truth, beauty and kindness. A splendid world united by brotherhood and mutual recognition.

Let’s gradually prepare a nomadic world festival, from country to country, from continent to continent. Let’s build a global school of poetry. Poetry should be massively expressed in every street, in every country, in every language, in the mouths of everyone, children, women, men and elders. Let us anticipate the victory of life over death.

We invite poets and artists from all over the world, their organizations, and all organizations in the world to take a part in these international spiritual and cultural activities, for a planet free of the horrors of war and hunger, for an independent and fair world, united as one by the indestructible hand of a Worldwide Poetry Revolution.

Coordinating Committee of World Poetry Movement

Medellin, July 27th, 2014

The sword seals the victory, but the pen signs the peace. A statement from writers collective “World Poetry Movement”

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