On Evicting a Frog from its Rock Home

Some frogs call this home
Some frogs call this home

I was clearing up the cottage to put in new floors, when I noticed among the stones and grass clumps a little frog kept jumping back in among the rubble… which to it, was its home!

I, though man, a creature apart
For the little frog had a heavy heart
As it popped back in among rocks I moved away
Just in this little home it wanted to stay…

But no, it was not to be
These stones, are far bigger you see
I said, as I shooed it outside to hop along
It looked back at me as if I did wrong…

That little pile of stones, to me rubble
To it was home, and worth all the trouble
Of within the moving piles to hide…
Fot this was its right to live inside!

Maybe for nature we should find somehow
To live side by side unlike like now
Where for one to live, another must lose where they call home…
How many creatures I wonder, lost theirs to build cities like Rome?

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