On Beauty and Hatred

Tools of the writers trade are the pencil and pen and paper

Some writers who refuse to write in rhyme point to it being a form of rebellion against the old order of supremacy, racism etc which was typified by rhyming poetry.

I love rhyming poetry and am liveral, indeed often radical in politics, and quietly mused if this is so, what does it say about me????

Its time to strike the balence, to have rhyming poetry about the radical issues, fair trade, freedom, liverty, etc.

Tools of the writers trade are the pencil and pen and paper

Words of form fashioned in beauty
Often placed in ordered lines and ranks
By those whose order of their desiring
Is founded in hatred, oppression, has drank
From the chalice of Pride as if were not poison
From which sooner would they die of thirst
Those of hearts of beauty and the joys of God and man
Unlike these writers who desire the worst.

But them… in their folly of rebellion
Who smash form and order to chants applause
Create such chaos in the name of formation
That follows no structure and obeys no laws.
How is it that hearts of beauty
Forge but brittle metal in the fire
Yet those smithys with the black hearts
Forge the verse and form the reading voices desire?

Each on reading if judged by the form
Are the opposite in the creation of their art
The ugly minded create the prosaic beauty
Leaving the polluted to the pure of heart.

Can each not write to their nature
How lovely for the world if it was to be
By his art we could judge the man
I read and wonder how this all reflects on me!!!

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