Chanting Ommmmmm! in the Four Knocks in Naul, I though to myself as a Catholic was I breaking the first commandment, false Gods and all that, but thought to myself that maybe God as we know him, and as Buddhists know him may be one and same, seen though different eyes, and He is unknowable, so I joined in regardless, and wrote this poem as a result.

Poets in the Four Knocks, Naul
Poets in the Four Knocks, Naul

Five folk chanted a sound, a word some say
Was the word spoken, at the dawn of time
And we say the word, unspecified was the beginning
But that is others beliefs, not mine,
I said a silent prayer, of my faith
But in the chanting, I still joined in,
For the craic, or as a form of prayer I don’t know
And though of a false God, I don’t think it a sin
The spirits did not answer – we were in their world
The resting place of those who had walked before
And a lady lamented that the bones and ash were gone
And were not allowed to rest in peace anymore
But if their faith is true and not mine
Her fretting may have been but a fuss
Those spirits could be alive – reincarnated
Hell, one of them, it could have been one of us!!!

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