Obituary – Ivor Hogg

PoeticPiers - Ivor Hogg, R.I.P.
PoeticPiers – Ivor Hogg, R.I.P.

The passing has happened lately of writer Ivor Hogg. Under the name of “Poeticpiers”, he wrote on and also on Arcanum Cafe among other places online, rolling poems of tales regaled in the pure rhymers style.

The American writer Tate Morgan messaged me on Facebook with the news. Ivor Hogg, as a name, meant nothing to me, I had to google it, and then my heart dropped.

But, the man was 80, which in cricket speak is good innings, and the ink runs dry for all writers at some stage. He appears from his profile on some of the sites to have has an intrest and / or belief in reincarnation… if so, I hope he finds a new life with a new pen, and the world will be all the richer.

It is strange how one can become known for the pseudonym, their nom de plume, so much so, that we do not recognise their real name, and we only then realise how little we know of the person themselves. Ivor often messaged me with comments on pieces I posted, and its nice to know that as much as I enjoyed his writings, writings of mine brought him some joy and comfort.

One of my favourite verses of his was “Letting Go“, I hope he found it easy to let go when his time came.

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