Nordic Poetry Readings at the Irish Writers Centre

For once, went to an event where I shut up and just listened.

Morten Sondergaard's book "Vinci, Later"
Morten Sondergaard’s book “Vinci, Later”

It was in the Irish Writers Centre in Parnell Square, and the event was the readings of four poets from Scandinavia, who brought their own unique style and take on life with them in their readings.

The local ambassadors from the four nations were in attendance, and I managed to buy a book from one of the poets.

The Gaelic, English and Norse reading was the most interesting, and the talk from the poet brought back the fact that once upon a time in Dublin, all three were spoken, giving a relevancy to the Dublinia exhibition and the Norse culture portrayed for the tourist scene.

Another poet, Morten Sondergaard, was as interesting for his facial expressions as for his poetry, but the poems too were interesting. Reading his book after “Vinci, Later” I based a poem “We Know Nothing” on his reflections on the media…

I was also speaking with the organiser of the Dublin Writers Group Desmond O Malley and hope to be linking up with his group in the coming weeks.

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