No Knocks on the Door at Halloween

Night Sky in Birr

For all those years, like the Grinch I was
When all dressed up they’d be seen
Going door to door looking for treats and cash
In the age old tradition of Halloween…

They’d quick get changed, and then come back
Tell tale same knock on the door
They’d swear to you that black was white
Theyd not been there before!

Shapeshifters of the modern age:
Their aduacity I begrudgingly admire
Yet still I curse when another knock
Brings to the door from the warm fire.

But this year it was eerie
The wind howled in the trees
The silence was like death itself…
I was left alone, at ease.

Everybody is staying at home
Everyone is afraid
It is the COVID19 scare that cowes all
That the streets so silent made.

I hope next year I am annoyed
As they knock knock on my door…
It will mean we are as normal again as we can be…
I promise not to be quite as grumpy any more!!!

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