No Croppies They

No Croppies they to lie down
At the conquerors command
Will not walk the road the sidewalk to give
To those who give the striking hand
They are no Croppies there who live
Having lost all to strangers from a strange land
Whose fathers came before from these fields
Promised to them as they understand
Their Holy Book, in Egypt written
Before they made good their escape planned
Where waters parted for the broken hearted
To the fate before them among the sand
Where Olives grow, in groves of Green
Among Gods unknown who worship command
Against whom their prophets railed, such golden calves
Idols to be smashed, for the True God make a stand…
Today, they the true God worship,
According to their book they demand
To live their way in that land today
Among all they lost – homes from which they are now banned,
As if Rapparees rockets they send
So the Conqueror will understand
Conquered yes, but broken never
This is their home, among the wind and sand.

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