Nineteen Thirty Nine

“This could be 1939 again”
~ Told to be by a Czech Roma freind of mine, now alas deceased, long before the Celtic tiger roared, never mind the rise of Trump and Farange and the current crash and its aftermath and the so called “War on Terror”

Woman gives Nazi salute at Donald Trump rally in Chicago
Woman gives Nazi salute at Donald Trump rally in Chicago.
Image: L A Times

When hate trumps hope and fear fools folks
Who see what is not there being blind
By choice when ignorance is valued over education
For whats wrong a scapegoat we look for and find…

The poor faulted by the poor for being poor,
The rich their riches are held as suspect
We hold all responsible bar those that are
Soon wicked words mean by war the world is wrecked.

When the blood has into the ground seeped
Bodies are buried: costs and profits counted
The profiteers for profits and egos sake
Melt away: their problems by blood spilled surmounted.

This time of fear and suspicion is familiar
Innovation resented: ignorance celebrated over education
This could be 1939 again I once was told long long ago
Before the crash, the clash of faiths and nation.

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