Never Mind the Heartache, Always Get the Verse

A friend of mine and fellow Tullamore Rhymer Anthony Sullivan has a quotation that goes something along the lines of “Never mind the heartache, always get the song”. As a writer I have to agree… and in my latest outbreak of unrequited love… I have got the poem if nothing else!

She of the wild heart, free spirit, did not intend
To capture the heart of a man like me
She did, unknowing, of this romantic fool
I fell , quick and full, for her, the dawsie.

It was not to be, she desires not me
But others, rougher and tougher, I the inverse!
Being the writer, the lover, poet and fool
At least from the heartache got the verse!

* Dawsie is a phonetic spelling of a Longford dialect phrase for a Jezebelesque character, a temptress. Origin unknown, it has been suggested its a form of description of a young jackdaw, a mischievous playful; character.

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