My Heart Will Not Keep Her Warm

Woman in Park
My heart will not keep her warm
Nor will it keep her dry
But in my heart shell have a home
Until she or I die
My love is pure though not expressed
As sometimes such love should not be
For though I dreamed in my heart I knew
She liked but loved not me…

An angel over her watches
And keeps her from harm
At least I hope there does
To guide her by the arm
For a flower such as she
Should have ground good to grow
In the jungle that is life
Where ever she may go…

Tears for her I shed not
For cry a man should not do,
A love never had is never lost
A truth at all times by me knew.
Perhaps of my love she never guessed
And may never in life know
Perhaps I’ll tell her when aged we die
If us both to heaven go!

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