Moo Said the Cow – the strange tale of a hitching cow, a helpful driver and a baffled traffic Garda

Not Even in Longford - Cow in Car
Not Even in Longford – Cow in Car

The cow on the roadside was hitching,
The driver that stopped didnt know what to do,
He spoke slowly, asked the cow where she was going to,
But all the cow said, it was MOO.

It was quite a struggle to get her inside,
It was quite a squeeze to squash her in the back bit by bit,
Assure me by saying MOO youll behave said the man,
To which she MOO’d to say in the car she would not shit.

Well the Guards didn’t know what to think when they stopped him,
And the collar of the driver they felt,
His tax and insurance was up to date,
But the cow wasn’t wearing her belt.

Said one Garda, “Not even in Longford would you see it”
Said the other, “Its true, not even there!
And I’ve seen some strange things in Longford,
Of all Ive seen, Ive seen nothing this quare!”

So they gave the cow a caution,
Saying: “This just wont do,
Ignorance is no excuse”, but says the other: “Whats the use”
The cow just stared them down, and said “MOO”

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