Menhirs of Carnac

Menhirs of Carnac
Menhirs of Carnac

The men who built them long are dead
And they are standing still
In ranks, files and circles
And after our time they’ll be until
Natures movement of the earth
Or the folly of man
Shall undo what they did create
Before writing began
To allow man to design
And therefor to scheme
And schedule a structure
To bring alive a dream

In a time before machinery
Before the written word
Stones sources, sunk and standing still
It to me seems absurd
That today we build constructions
With the best materials, in the correct way
And all to often they fall down
Within their builders day.

We know not what these stones were there for
Their meaning we can only guess
But their construction outlasted their time
And that, me it does impress…

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