Memories of Tullamore at Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club – Setting off for Valentia

I was down tonight at Irelands Smallest Comedy Club, where fellow Tullamore man (Im not Longford now that its cool to be from Tullamore!!!) John Sheehan done a brilliant set, and am packing the bag for Valentia Island with the Tullamore Rhymers. I am also working on restoring more of the verses to the website, some on their original dates, and more as fresh posts.

Jonathan Sheehan is a porter in Tullamore Hospital, where I worked up until last September, which is a comedy all in itself! I knew he done comedy, thanks to the walking comedian which is Dave Plunkett, but never seen him live until I got an act of his at A-musings / The Circle Sessions in the International some months back. Id seen him before at Irelands Smallest Comedy Club – compered by another Tullamore man John Graham, so was familiar with his work.

The Dew Drop Inn in Galway - scene of Irelands Smallest Comedy Club
The Dew Drop Inn in Galway – scene of Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club

What he produced tonight though, was nothing short of epic. Doubly funny when you used to work in the hospital where he worked. Its a short participatory set based on his work as a porter, and his “relationship” with the boss, taken to the ridiculous, as all good comedy is. I was left wondering which boss he was on about!

I thought sure I may as well join in and give authentic style to the piece, being a former security guard there as well, and fall asleep in the corner, but the gags were too good, they kept me awake!

A flavour

Two standards of the night Bob Hannagan and Donal Vaughan were on, the last done his standard set, with Bob having new material to me anyway about working as a chef, and the sandwiches gag brought back memories of Dooleys Hotel!

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Ive been packing the bags for the trip to Valentia Island for the festival, where I will be joined by Richard Brennan and David Mallaghan, the latter of which is popping up at festivals and comedy gigs all over the country.

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