May We Never Have A Love For or Want of Turnips

May never for the humble turnips
We have a need or love
For neither is good for man
For the former he will shove
Away a fellow starving man
In times of woe and hunger
Like a bully in the family
That dominates the younger.
And for the latter, may we not have
To plant them have disdain
For food for sheep is good for man
Even though the taste is plain
And he who looks down on it
To eat sheep’s food is too proud
Will have to resort to stealing the same
And gunfire will show to do so is not allowed.

During famine times, a tale of our family tells of us being prosperous relative to the other local families. Due to a hostile reception when our family moved in, there was little sympathy with the native locals when the famine struck.Being resourceful, our family took the turnips from the landlords as an alternative crop to spite the mocking of other locals who said it was food for sheep and the next years crop would be good. A low point in the family history was when they ran some of the locals from the fields who took raw turnip to eat out of hunger.

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