Mankind and His Pets Are the Same

Our Housemates in Renmore... the stray cats!
Our Housemates in Renmore… the stray cats!

The cat wanders where it will
The time and its prey to fill
When of it and you its had it fill
It goes its merry way.

The dog it follows: its that they do
Seeks to please and be pleased by you
Its abilities are many: its needs are few
To be loved: to eat: to play.

We are like them, the dog and the cat
Sometimes like both, depending where we are at
We are but mere creatures seeking comfort for all that
Mankind thinks himself, and yet:

For all that we think we, that we are we claim
It seems bizarre: its such a shame
We treat those we seek as partners the same
Yet don’t understand the needs of each pet.

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