Life Itself For Sale

The water we drink is up for sale
That falls free from the sky
The frackers for profit pollute the groundwater
Its danger they to all deny.
Horses for sale and hens as well
We do not now have the right
But others can sell the water we drink
Yet people fail to together against them fight.

What is it about our enchanted island
Or are its people under a spell?
We would not have stood for this in times of old
When water pure was drank from the well…
Or are we a nation of idiots,
Who to stand up for ourselves we fail
When it looks to the whole wide world
That life itself is up for sale…

As fracking starts in Belcoo in Fermanagh, apart from the usual eco activists, there is little opposition to pollution of a shared water table for the Erne basin, and also the Shannon water table, from which we all drink.

The water we do have to drink, we now have to pay for, and yet we stand idly by as our traditions are taken away, from selling horses and hens at the Banagher Horse Fair, unhelpful regulations, always for our own good, are brought in, making us criminals in our own country for living our lives as we always did.

Im not a big believer in the anti flueride campaign, settling them in the same bracket as the anti windmill fanatics, but our haplessness and apathy does beg one to wonder, are we under a spell as a nation?

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