Lianhan Shee

Pavee Vardo, a gypsy wagon.

Man, turn your face from the Lianhan Shee
Fall not for her, though fair be her charms
It will bring you death, say the Pavee
Should you take her in your arms…
Fair she is – a maiden fine
Lakeen fairer rarely seen
To Tír na nÓg she’ll take you man
To where many before you have been.

He who desires her, will her alone love
And it will take his life
He will pass over to the Otherworld
To make she desired his wife.
Only to find there this fair Lackeen
That none describe, she shall not his wife be…
So guard yourself from maidens fair
They might be the Lianhan Shee!!!

Background: Reference material for this poem from the Barefoot Pavee blog.

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