Lettera D’amore

Cara mia, ti voglio bene… “My darling, I love you
The words to her I wanted to say
But I never did, and so I regret that
And I will until my dying day.

Come sei bella… “How beautiful you are…
I think by my look that she knew
But she got those looks from so many men
That I never said so I forever will rue…

Tu sei una stella… You are a star
Were the unspoken words of my heart
Once, one dance shared together
And now an eternity apart…

Mi manchi… “I miss you…
Unspoken words now leave my slips
And a tear threatens my dry eyes
A single one on my cheek drips…

Voglio vederti stasera… “I want to see you tonight…
That it is my hearts desire, as I sleep
Such things they are not to be
So a hard jaw to the world I’ll keep.

Ti penso sempre… “I always think of you…
Though life that brought us together brought us apart
We must walk the paths of our destiny
And you’ll always be in my heart.

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