Let Us Remember This November

This day we all remember
As we are asked to and yet
It seems our own who faught for their own land
We are asked to forget.

Tom Kettle: a hugely popular teacher at UCD
Free Gallant Little Belgium
That raped Africa to the bone
And fight the Kaiser for freedom:
Was Germany to Ireland the Imperial one?
Did Germany let the Irish starve
Force us to speak their tongue
Reduce our people on the social ladder
To be the lowest rung?
Did these men who fought neath the flag
Fight for Ireland in their time?
Or did they stone Sinn Fein offices in Banagher
Saying to fight for freedom was a crime?
Let us remember OUR HEROS
Who for OUR FREEDOM fought
Remember them, and not forget
Every Irishman ought.

In the pogroms of Ulster
In 1969, it was said
They would not idly stand by:
Words uttered but instead
They DID stand by, and cornerboys
From the Bogside and the Falls
Became men when they took up the gun
For they WERE MEN, with BALLS
And the Free States Plastic Army
Protected no one at all
And the brave hunger strikers
All but criminals them they did call
Atrocities were by our side committed
That I admit and dont deny
But I am proud of ALL the men
Who faught so ur flag on our land can fly.
The men of the Somme faught not for Ireland
But for the Empire they carried the gun
Peasents, it was with shotguns
And cornerboys, our freedom for us won.

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