Let Us Now Gather Together the Bust Bag of Feathers

After the “they steal babies” press in Ireland will the press devote as musch time and column inches to publicising that the children are the natural offspring of the Romani parents? The children taken by Irish police from their families as being “too blond and blue eyed to be natural children of Romani (Gypsy) parents, have been proven to be related to their families.

Hitlers dream of purest blood
Was shattered by millions of sacrificed lives
Yet today behind liberal words
A dark stereotype of lies thrives

“They steal babies, don’t you know”, they say,
In Greece a couple dark had a child, hair blond, eyes blue,
And so every blue eyed blond baby in a gypsy family
Is deemed stolen, for gypsies steal, it is said, maybe babies too.

And so in Tallaght, and in Athlone,
People look with suspicious eyes,
And wicket whispers fueled by hate,
Is dressed as concern, children’s protection laws a disguise.

Where were the whisperers when the clergy strayed
From their self imposed celibacy rule
Not with women and men of age to choose
But with innocent children still in school?

Ah, silent they were, children disbelieved
Because no-one wanted to know,
Today acknowledged, mildly dismissed
As now rectified, and a long time ago.

We have new victims we can smear,
We can about them tell lies
Dehumanize them as the Nazis did
That is how the Fascists rise.

Then as now, a campaign, Propaganda
A media by a people trusted,
Has been shown to be but a vehicle of hate.
Now must gather a bag of feathers busted.

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