Last of the Faithful at St Augustine’s Holy Well

St Augustines Holy Well in Galway
St Augustines Holy Well in Galway

The morning sun, warm, shone
The tide was out – the water low
Cross and well well above the water
To where worshippers came long ago
But history now…

Yet – wait, who are they, the man and woman there,
Leading a toddler down the steps as I walk by
She carries a coughing baby and they carefully descend
Oblivios to passers such as I…

The mother, carefully, as mothers do
Dips her hand in the well
Daubs it on the baby in tradition not lost
On its face or mouth as far as I could tell

As I walked past the last of the faithful
Who to the Holy Well came for a cure
Strong in their faith to spite their troubles…
The faith in them far from dead, of that I am sure.

Background – St Augustines is a holy well in Galway. The child appeared to have a bad cough, not a condition the well was known for as far as I know. The only time Ive seen actual pilgrims come to it in all my years in the city. I hope it works for them.

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