Last Keepers of the Kasbah

Kasbah at Agadir in Morocco

The last keepers, there they stand, within the walls of the Kasbah
Visitors to guide, around the site of the Kasbah

Goat herders at the Kasbah in Agadir
Goat herders with the poet at the Kasbah in Agadir

Now a grave, to those who in fifteen seconds, lost it all
And a cemetery it is now, the Kasbah

That once protected friends and defied foes
Who were held out by the strong walls of the Kasbah

Who returned and were thwarted, and yet more succeeded
And in turn defended from attack the Kasbah

It was a home, it was a city, of the Berber, Arab too
It was their world, until it shook, all died in the Kasbah

A passing poet came to pay his respects to the fallen
Accosted by shepherds who see it as a goldmine, the Kasbah.

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