Lake In All Its Splendor Spoiled

A lake in all its splendor spoiled
By a group of babbling chavs
It was the opinion on being observed
As “have not’s” by those on holiday who have

Tattooed mothers with double buggys
Shatter scenery for they have no soul
Little crying babies and toddlers and no fathers
Families broken: nothing whole.

There was a time when mothers
With their menfolk and children walked
Observed and appreciated
By those of means who talked
Of banking, enterprise and empire
And faith and love of God
Of industry and innovation
And the utilization of the sod

But those who look on disapproving
And they walk on by
See not what God sees
For to the scenes beauty they close their eye
The crying of the ill reared brat of a baby
Is soothed by its tattooed mothers love
And that is the scenes real beauty
Seen by God above.

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