Lady Godiva the Good

Lady Godiva by John Collier
Lady Godiva by John Collier

Lady Godiva the Good
Decreed that ride through town she would
As sure as that on the ground she stood
Unless her husband ceded
The taxes high that he extracted
For the king that benefited
And made the laws that were enacted
That the kingdom needed

Being of one deep of faith well known
And being the wife of the Lord his own
Her concern to him having shown
To do so the Lord permitted
Thinking that it she would not do
As to do so she would rue
But little the determination of his wife he knew
Who the deed committed.

And the towns people drew their shutters
As around her token deed plans passed via mutters
Show respect for her honour, the people utters
And away from windows and doors keep.
But in the town there lived a tailor
Tom, his name, who would fail her
And so we know him today for
The fact that he did peep.

Her husband had to her in to give
Or the shame down he’d never live
Though for her boldness he’d not forgive
Until the day he died and was gone.
And in Coventry by the Forest of Arden old
To this day, they commemorate the lady bold
Who rode naked through town her man to hold
To his word the taxes to reduce to a fair one

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