Kings of the Sun of Sacred Bloodline

Engraving: "Day of 21 January 1793 the death of Louis Capet on the Place de la Révolution"
Engraving: “Day of 21 January 1793 the death of Louis Capet on the Place de la Révolution”

A work in progress reflecting on the death of the Sun King, its relationship to the modern Sangreal legends, and the connections of the French royal family with most others in Europe, and a lot of commoners as well!!!! Families such as Lynch and Drake in Ireland, through the Normans and the Dukes of Valois are said by legend to be of the line of Pepin the Short, whose descendants they are a cadet branch of, which are multiple times married into the line of the Merovignans that they deposed.

A falling blade in commoners hand
The end of a reign was made
The Sun Kings were to be no more
The Fleur de Lis henceforth displayed
By a faithful hidden in darkened rooms
Their temple torn down
A long three days they were prepared to wait (15)
For the Resurrection of their Crown

The streets of Paris of those times
The Golgotha of its day
The Romans of that time the common man
Who by the guillotine had their say.
But the slain was more David than Solomon (1)
For blood was on his hands
His pretty wife a knowledgeable fool (2)
Over France an Imposter stands.

So God shall deliver to their hands
The possessions of those who walk not the path
Entrusted by birth, ancestry and tradition (3)
Of those who there before them sat.
In other lands, on other chairs
Sit those who share the same blood
Whose ancestors fought over who ought
Be as king of Franks – declare they should! (4)

But those to, in their own land
Have others who complain
They sit not well in their seat
But by might and trickery there remain.
They of this king who lost his head
With him in triple comradeship stand
Those who seek the path walk one to be
As they it understand. (5)

Within these walkers and these kings
A legend it was born (6)
Spoke of with wonder by common men
Also by Preachers true and false who warn (7)
That this knowledge of the Divine
Of sacred Femininity
Is the path of Satan and his kind
Of base humanity. (8)

A Cardinals word in listening ears
Open and willing to believe
What dwelt in the heart of this man of the cloth
Who spoke as to deceive? (9)
A more pius man, of Longford stock (10)
Stood with him as for the blade on his neck to fall
It fell as sure as death comes to all men
“Son of St Louis, to heaven go” was Edgeworths mournfull call. [11]

The king of all, who had all at his command
The testament of Edgeworth to all does tell
Spoke all that mattered to a condemned man
was salvation of the soul, when speaking in his cell.
So all our worldly intrests important as they are today
When we are on our deathbed
We will find too that we in our time will say
Those wise words the King to Edgeworth said.

Now common men with blades in hands
Fine ideals in their mind
Had power, a power they had to keep
Fair rule was hard they did find.
For politics is a fools game to play
They were soon to know
To play the game, to stay on the board
Blood of innocents was to flow.

But noble blood was on Edgeworths garments
That he in his quarters cleaned in water
In exile fled with those who were left
Who had survived the vengeful slaughter.
From whom did they descend these Royal clans
From the Merovignans of old
What stories of them heretofor were said
Of them yet would be told!

The grail now spilled, the blood now dried
No use crying over spilled blood nor milk
Smashed eggs can never be unbroken again
Cotton though cloth is never silk.
Those freinds from the Alliance Auld
Brought with them of ritual a form (05)
Lost to most today who walk a different way
For such is weather after the storm. (12)

Did the mark between the shoulder blades
Form the cross as is said of those of the Blood
For though of Pepin paternally descended
Maternally the throne was of the line that it should.
Two sides of charachter the ing borne
The compassionate of the kind king, seen at death
The garrolous power hungry cruelty of the Carolingan publically seen
The Merovignan pious unseen by his subjects on his last breath.

These kings, but men, sinners too
Of good and bad descended
The wrath of the just they knew
Though as bad as the deposed it ended (13)
Some who look back in historic times
See those who the Church did slaughter
Who stated that Christ according to their heresy
Had with Mary Magdeline a daughter!

In the paper that they made
Their symbols lasted when their books were destroyed
Their piety was to be their undoing
Their labours were fruitfully employed.
In times modern scholars ponder
What was it the secrets they held
That condemned them to the end a King was to see
In the land where they had dwelled?

Did clerics clever in their time
When to Frankish kings their faith preaching
Adopt the creed to existing beliefs
For political reasons when the story teaching?
For the king had to be divine
As they were under the pagan faith
Of two fathers, one divine
It was that that made them great.

So was Christ, in the Good book
Of Joseph on Earth, also of the Divine
Is this were the belief of the Kings as fact crept
That of Christ was the Merovignan line?
St Sarah who the Gyspies venerate each year
Was she the child of the Christ Child
Swarthy as Solomons curtains, she of the Song of Songs
who angered her mothers sons, said to Jerusalems daughters
“Let is run together” among the throngs? (14)

All men are mortal, no matter their origion
As Christ was divine, but of Joseph to the Jews
All men, though kings, can die to wrath of anger
When small men to unite in anger choose!
Such it was with the Merovignan Sun King
His cousins bear his blood in other lands
Indeed other clans are said to be related to them over the centuries
Including a bard whose these words are written by his hands!


[15] Royalist groups still plot the return of the kings issue through many pretenders. Prominent in the hard right wing of France, come to strenght in times of volatility.
[14] In Song of Songs, the Black Madonna (as the bride) celebrates her union with the king, and asks for acceptance and the sharing of her joys on her marraige / consummation. Are the Daughters of Jerusalum the modern church, the bride the true church held down by the “mothers sons” she had angered who may be the modern clergy of the established church that calls such beliefs a heresy?
[13] With Naoleon, war and hunger returned as bad as under the king. The just shows the revolution was just, but carried out by a party unfit to govern, hence the ensuing Terror of Robespierre and his governement.
[12] The storm is the disputes of ritual of the Antients and the Moderns. Ecosse Masonry as practiced in France by exiles is largely lost.
[11] Its disputed was this actually said, was it a silent prayer, or was it true Edgeworth said it.
[10] Abbé Edgeworth (Hneri Essex de Firmount)
[09] The Sun Kings cardinal, who instilled “Divine right to Rule”
[08] The Magdelene reinterpretations, contrary to Gregory the Greats pronouncements.
[07] Anti masonic conspiracy theorists, both secular and church.
[06] The legend that the Templars held the secred of the Holy Bloodline
[05] Ecosse Freemasonry
[04] Kings of England claim to be King of France
[03] Divine right of kings
[02] Marie Antoinette, famed for saying “let them eat cake”
[01] The executed king was bloodthirtsy, like David, unlike Solomon

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