King Arthur on the High Seas

Arr me Hearties - Pirate Flags of the High Seas
Arr me Hearties – Pirate Flags of the High Seas

Among the sickness and slaughter as they sailed the wild water
There was fun and frivolous games played by the sailors of the seas
In dangerous times when good business was bad crimes
There was life and laughter echoing in the breeze.

Grainne Mhaol - The Irish Pirate Queen
Lady Pirates, no ladies but all woman like Grainne Mhaol – The Irish Pirate Queen. Image by Ally Fell

The days long and hot, they used what they got
Sea water buckets by the dozen they threw
On one tied fast, in fancy dress to the mast
Keeping serious face in case they be King Arthur too!

He tied to the pole used his expressions whole
Each more ludicrous than the last like a child
The aim to fast make the water caster laugh
Then he done the robes and the ropes for he smiled!

Sure there was murder and blood, not forget it we should
But there was fun to be had among men who were not all bad
The flags flew limp, the sailor walked with a limp
He remembered the good times as King Arthur of the Seas that he had…

Sir Francis Drake - The Gentleman Pirate
Sir Francis Drake – The Gentleman Pirate. He is descended from the Drakes who married into the Ashe family of Devon, one of three brothers. The second went to Yorkshire it is said, and the third is of local interest, as he came to Dublin with in laws the Sudleys and the de Treacys where his grandson was the leader of crown forces at the Battle of Bloody Banks and our branch of the family (who were of Drakesrath in Oldcastle and then of Ballinulty) is said to have been descended from, fighting for King James at the Boyne, and also alas being involved in the slave trade in Barbados.


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