Keep the Beat of Galway Playing

#street #music from @gstreetclub again today… #thisisgalway #wildatlanticway #culture

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To sing a song is a beautiful thing
To sing as best you can
To the enjoyment of the passer by
From tourist to the Travelling man…

Some give a little, more non at all
But some have hard bad hearts
The streets commercial comes the cry
So their campaign starts…

Some folk still live hear then more shout
Their children cannot sleep
Well the homeless in the doorways do not complain
That awake the music them does keep!

Some say the noise is too loud
Some say some singers have no skill
Its not the quality or the noise…
Its busking they want to kill…

Make it acoustic by all means
But keep busking on the street
Its what gives atmosphere to the city, not department stores
Busking is Galway cities beat…

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