Just Doing Our Job

2014 Banagher Horse Fair, smaller, but it DID go ahead!
2014 Banagher Horse Fair, smaller, but it DID go ahead!

The most farcical part of the attempted shut down of Banagher fair, was when John Boy Dolan got cautioned for selling HENS… when the town is awash with drugs!

Its Revenue men and the Guardaí
Laid siege to Banagher town
To visitors it must have seemed
Something major was going down…

It must be a drug bust some thought
Love Hate comes to Banagher town
But, no, they came for the Horse Fair, you see,
Some saps said shut it down.

They dipped cars for green diesel
To see were folk conning Revenue of a few bob
They looked mighty hard and scary
But they were only doing their job.

They turned away visitors to the fair,
Horse people are not wanted here, being Irish in their own land
But if your French and German with money and no horses
There was no problem, I understand…

But the highlight of the operation:
It was spectacular, I dont deny!
They cautioned a man for selling HENS!
You wouldn’t see it on CSI!

Welcome to gangland Banagher
Of Offaly its the wild west
Hen dealing mafianos
Taken down by the Gardaí’s best.

Isn’t that why I pay my taxes
To pay the wages of these great hard men
To ignore the harmless drug dealers
But god help you if you sell a horse or hen!

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