Jolly Freemasons Clarifications of Confusions

A humerus explanation of masonry, of which I am a member, which in typical Carty fashion causes more confusion than clarification!

There is no manual handling
We bear no safe pass for any to see
Were honest men not speculators
Though speculative masons we be!

We get no dirt on our aprons
Though the temple we rebuild
We have no planning permission
We have no Trade Union, Combination or Guild!

We wear no hard hats on the site
Steel toe caps not required
Sure they wore open toe sandles on the Temple site
By which our Lodges are inspired!

Were not secretive but a society with secrets
And if you think that is absurd
For a society with secrets you see
Mum – it is NOT the Word!

My interest in the life and writings of Robert Burns – which I was introduced to by my mothers pack of Sweet Afton cigarettes – led me to an intrest in Freemasonry of which Burns was a prominent member in Ayr, Kilmarnock and Kilwinning. In due time I joined the local lodge in Tullamore, of which I was WM for a term.

So… beware the hidden dangers of cigarettes, they may lead to you writing poetry and joining in the masons!

The Lodge room in Tullamore
The Lodge room in Tullamore


Guild – it is said that the masons in their modern form evolved from the Guilds of old.
Combination – a forerunner of the Trade Union movement
Speculative masons – the masons are based around stories of building, but are not in actual masonry so are said to be in “speculative” which in its now archaic form meant “imitation of”

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