It, Not I

As some sort of abortion legislation is in the pipeline in Ireland after the Savita case, the pro-choice lobby are in their element. They wont stop at alloweing for fetus removal as should have happened with Savita, or with the X-Case where even pro-lifers such as I would be prepared to turn a blind eye.

They want abortion as contraception. And that is wrong wrong wrong, and the start of a slippery slope towards eugenics.

It, not I, is a problem
I have with it, its problem
Is that it exists, unwanted by I
Who want to get rid of it.

The word it, denotes a thing
And a thing is not a person
Maybe human but lesser
Not even subhuman
We regret the lives lost of those who were deemed so.

But a fetus, is an it.
Its mother an I
And an eye for an eye
Or an I for an I
But lets not think of it
And flush it
To the dustbin of history
The sewer.

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