In Stone, Should His Name Be Set

Carve his name, place in stone each letter,
To do so… now it is the time…
The call, a campaign to start, it rings out,
To rectify the omission, the crime,
Because he was not favoured by Napoleon,
So say because of politics, more of Romance,
He has been overlooked in official history
To rectify this, this is now our chance.

A fair call, in the spirit offered…
As I weigh up its merits worth,
I think of how he dismissed the Irish
To be rebuked by Teeling, enraged and hurt,
Who single handedly took out a cannon
Looked death in the face, faced it down and won,
One man a leader by uniforms ranking
Another a leader by use of gun.

Token resistance, and then surrender,
Was it for that, all this way they came to fight,
To raise folks passions – as a man his lovers
Then to leave the bedchamber in dark of night –
Why raise a populace to rebellion
When he knew their safety on surrender he could not have sued
Though he tried, it is fair, he knew it impossible,
Is he part responsible for what ensued?

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