In a Land Without Leaders

Tom Darcy - should leanr his history better, but at least they made a stand, unlike those who make a skit of him.
Tom Darcy – should learn his history better, but at least  made a stand, unlike those who make a skit of him.

In a land without leaders, the people must stand,
Stand for what their forefathers fight for, the rights of the land,
Simple folk, not of great education, by no means a fool,
Too long living life to remember lessons from school
Of long dead hero whose time is long past
Who inspire todays folk, whose example does last,
Little grasp of the details of history, on it cannot well speak,
But try, are too busy making it, glory to seek
Fleeting fools of themselves make, when caught on the spot,
Highlighted by gleeful media, who a jewel have got
To discredit heroes, who stopped the banks at their play
Saved homes for the dispossessed, even if only for one day
Media and enemies snigger, the chortle of the nyeuck
Political rivals who talk lots and do little, who don’t give a fuck
Bar to promote their vision, but who hate folk who own their own house,
Great at waving banners, at protests timid as a mouse…
Where were THEY at Allsops? The question we ask…
Too many smart answers… just not up to the task…
They know too much Trotsky and history, preach at us they must,
But the people at the ballot speak, them with power wont trust,
Who preach the obvious, to say that grass is green,
But eviction after eviction, few there are seen,
Where hero’s are needed, even if they don’t speak well,
Theory is Ok on paper… but the truth you can tell
Voters wont follow Chicken Little, who say the sky is falling…
When small folk must stand for lack of leaders… ah Ireland’s appalling!!!

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