Immagine & Poesia – Volume 1 – Featuring Tomás Ó Cárthaigh launched online

Immagine & Poesia
, the Italian – Welsh writers collective, has just published an online collection of poetry, the concept and edited by by Huguette Bertrand.

It features -as is the style of the collective – the pairing of a poem with an image, a drawing or a painting – and is in French and English, so is two collections in one, as the poems are either in English or French. It also features a painting by Irish artist Donna McGee, whose work is paired with a French language poem by Umar Timol.

Its online, so is eco-freindly, and is free for download here:

Immagine & Poesia – Volume 1
Immagine&Poesia – vol. 1.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [3.0 MB]

My contribution was “To Walk In Nature Is to Say a Prayer”, paired with a photo by Allesandro Actris, and recieved the following review from Mary Gregory, New York on Artslant:

To Walk in Nature is to Say a Prayer” a poem by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh, offers thoughts both profound and witty about what it means to him to worship.  He finds his nurture in nature, and his poem is perfectly paired with a pastoral landscape by photographer Alessandro Actis.


Photo by Alessandro Actis, Italy


Photo by Alessandro Actis, Italy

Actis captures, with his camera, a pristine moment in the forest.  Water gently runs past grazing wildlife.  All is green.  One can feel a palpable quietude, and a burst of sunlight infuses the whole scene with light and joy.

Mary Gregories full review on ArtSlant
Alessandro Actis

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