If A Man Has Not His Dreams

Here is an old verse, from when I lived in Birr in 1995 or so! Its about having the confidence to believe in yourself and your talents, even if others don’t, and is based on by own doubts of the validity of writing as a serious hobby!

If a man has not his dreams, poor soul, nothing has he!
From harsh reality of reality, no escape can he see!
Forever trapped in a cage, never can be free
Forever haunted by what is, not by what could be.

Foolish may be his dreams, but who are we to say
What now could never be, some distant time may…
What is not found on the normal path may be found this way
Tomorrow may be made from the dreams of today.

Maybe not of the dreams, but the dreams may provide
The confidence because of criticism the man did hide
Display the talents that he kept locked inside
For him a closed door may be thrown open: wide!

Enter! Walk on the red carpet your dreams for you have laid…
At the end is the end of what made you afraid!

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