Idle Thoughts – Lough Atalia Walk During COVID Epidemic

Holy Well at Lough Atalia
Holy Well at Lough Atalia

Every street is a skateboard park
The cars no longer rule
The teenagers whizz in their own odd way past
There is no college or school.

There are no traffic jams on the roads
What is there whizzes by…
The worries of the last months forgotten:
Epidemic the reason why…

Theres a votive ribbon on the Cross
At Lough Atalia Holy Well
The faiths still alive though some say its gone
Little things like this, truth tell.

Will this make us as better folk?
I wish to God it would…
But we have been through worse, turned out as bad…
Not improved live we could…

What if we were to better plan
Everywhere and everything we do,
We could make this city flow better
When this COVID thing is through…

We only take the car out
When and where there is actual need
Not like before with laziness
Convenience for our own selfish greed

What if we were to plan for the common good:
Not profit for its sake…
We ask what we need and little more,
Not like before, when it was all take and take…

We are but men and sinners
The truth we wont deny…
But there is faith and good folk
I see a future, and thats why!

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