I Wish Cows Would Say Hello, And Dogs Quiet Would Keep

While walking to Arvagh today, a cow jumped up and bolted in a field next to me and put the heart crossways in me. Compared to dogs which can rarely keep silent – and be wary of the ones that do!!! – I thought would a little moo not have been more appropiate? In the dead of night such happenings are possibly the origion of the Púca / Pooka stories.

I wish that cows to say hello
Would let out a little moo
To let me know that they are there
Beyond the hedge that I look through
The rustle bustle and the snort
Scares the life out of passers by like me…
It is good to say hello
Its mannerly so to be!

I wish that yapping dogs would learn
To keep quiet as I pass
I see them well enough without their barking
But they heed me not alas…
They bark and howl, and yap and growl
So one would never know…
If they are trying to say stay away,
Or trying to say hello!

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