I Stood And Watched

I stood and watched by a lake
Birds fly overhead
A lone swallow took a swoop
Over graves of the dead
Who for centuries have lain
Their corpses long time rotton
Thier kith and kin dead like them too
All hands long forgotton.

Before me the waters rippled
As fish broke the surface for fly
For the fish beneath to live
The insect above must die.
Such is life: circle of life and death
So many million before us did pass,
And lived and dies in horrid ways
Buried without ceremony, service or mass.

All in our time we will die,
Of our being will not be known
Even our tombstones will decay
That our names on will have shown,
Of one thing, that we are certain
That is life, things be as they should,
Man rich and poor are but to be food for maggots
To be so is natural and good.

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